Published on 01 Apr 2021

Best & Reliable Website developers in Nairobi

Of late, the question of how much do you charge for website design service has been repeatedly being posed to me and as a web developer who has been in the web design industry for more than 6 years, I have decided to address it and answer which is the ideal price when one wants a website designed for them.

The reason I personally and the business that we run fail to answer the question with a direct value, for example, Ksh 1000, or Ksh 10,000 or Ksh 20,000 is because the web design as an entity is dynamic. Website design is not a fixed entity that it must have A and B and C. Web design depends on what the owner of the website needs and what he intends to use his/her website with. That’s why you will find that almost different people charge different prices.

My advice to everyone who wants a website designed or developed for them is this, don’t go directly asking what are your charges rather prepare a document with a list of requirements on what you want to achieve or what is in your mind and after presenting the requirements to the developer allow him quote for you a price which is quite reasonable depending on your requirements.

Another thing that determines the price of a website design is the budget of the customer. Some organizations or website developers might ask the customer what is his budget and then respond whether the budget is viable or not.

As a customer sometimes you may have heard that a website is a good tool and it is a necessity to have it mostly if you are in business BUT you do not have any information of what happens if you need one, DON’T WORRY, the web developer or the company you choose to deliver this service must have a way to listen to you and help you come up with everything that is necessary for website design service to be complete. They will walk with you after identifying the type of website you want and guide you on what you will need to provide so that you can have a website that you intend to have.

Finally, I and everyone who is in the web design industry usually provide a range of prices for the services we offer. When you want a website designed for you we tell you that this service starts from this price and can go as high depending on your requirements. So what determines the cost of a website is the function of the website and therefore the ideal price for a website design service is determined by the customer requirements.